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Fatemeh Gosheh

Producer Biography Fateme Gosheh was born in Iran 1961. She educated film and photography in film school, Institute for art and culture Farhang –H’onar, cinema Azad in Lorestan, Iran. She educated in Persian tradition painting (Parde) and calligraphy. Her documentary film the integration of veil has been shown in the many film festival like Gothenburg film festival and accepted to Margaret Mead Film & video Festival, New York 2001. Her artworks “a Muslim woman dreams and nightmare” was exhibited at Liljevalchs Konsthall (prestigious art gallery) Stockholm 2002. It got a lot of media attentions in and outside Sweden. Many Islamic organizations protested against the works. The attention imposed reactions and debate in the society. Her art has exhibited in places around the world : New York, Los Angels, Canada, Italy konstbiennal, Vancouver, Germany, Estlonia Modern art museum and photography biennal in Bangladesh, Berlin.

Filmography The Integration of veil: Short Documentary Aisha Art Gosheh ART, 2000 The Blood and Melody: Documentary 2001, Gosheh ART The cry: Short Fiction Aisha Art Gosheh ART, 2001 Sail: Short Fiction Aisha Art Gosheh ART, 2003 Arabian Nights Feature Documentary Film Scorpio - Gosheh ART, 2010 Sore lips: Documentary Gosheh ART, 2012 Hanna: D ocumentary Gosheh ART, 2012

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